• 500cc 2014-2015

    Thomas rode for the Scunthorpe Scorpions- Striving to get to the number 1 spot.

    Thomas had an impressive form, reaching the Number 1 spot for his UK team Berwick. He also rode in the Premier League Pairs meeting and the Premier League Riders Championship, proving himself to be amongst the best in the league. The only thing holding TJ back had been a shoulder injury which will be operated on ahead of 2016.

  • 500cc 2016

    1st Place: Silver Helmet Individual Meeting (Redcar)
    Final: Premier League 4s, Berwick Bandits

  • 500cc 2008-2009

    It was Thomas’ first year on 500cc so he rode
    in a few meetings in the second division, Denmark.

    Debut in Danish Super League
    Achieved ‘Fighter of the year’ in Super League
    Bronze: Danish Super League (team)

  • 500cc 2010-2011

    Gold: Rob Woffinden Memorial
    Top 3 highest D rider in Danish Super League
    Track Record: Plymouth (UK)

    Rider of the year for Scunthorpe (UK)
    Signed for Elite League team Wolverhampton (UK)

  • 500cc 2012-2013

    Gold: Scunthorpe Premier League Champions (UK)
    Rider of the year for Scunthorpe (UK)
    Silver: Scunthorpe Premier League pairs with Josh Auty (UK)

    Thomas suffered from several injuries which compromised his form. However, he was still a strong force winning points for his Premier League team Scunthorpe and guest rode for several other teams during the season.

  • 80cc

    Speedway Comet of the year
    Gold: Danish Championship (team)
    Silver: World Championship
    Gold: Nordic Championship (team)

  • 80cc

    Silver: Danish Championship (team)
    Number 11 in Nordic Championship

  • 80cc

    Bronze: Danish Championship
    Gold: Danish Championship (team)
    Number 5 in European Championship
    Number 7 in World Championship
    Gold: World Championship (team)