• Thomas Jorgensen

    Thomas Elmholdt Jørgensen

    DOB: 14th July 1992

    Town: (DK) Aalborg (UK) Wolverhampton

    Email: teamthomasj@hotmail.com

    Career: 50cc 1996 - 2001

    80cc 2001 - 2009

    500cc 2009 - Present

    Greatest Achievement: Second in the 80cc World Championships in 2005.

  • Mark Harvey

    UK Mechanic

    Mark has been a speedway mechanic since 1992 and has worked alongside many successful riders. His experience has seen him mechanic in GP events and qualifiers. Working with riders such as Sam Ermolenko, Mikael Max, Daniel Nermark, Freddie Lindgren and Pontus Aspgren.